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Robust Irrigation Hydrogol Drip Line

It is a robust cylindrical structure built-in filtration and clogging resistant mechanism. It is a flow regulated dripper. It is designed optimally to fit the pipe’s diameter. Flow of water is regulated by diaphragm and removal of dust particle is done by built-in filter which prevents clogging. It is durable structure with high cross-sectional area, two inlets and two outlets. Application: Used for all types of field crops.

Product Specifications

  • Manufactured from 100% pure polymer material.
  • Increase in yield up to 130%.
  • Fits in 16 mm pipe joiner.
  • Helpful in saving 70% water.
  • With four holes for water discharge.
  • Helpful in providing nutrients directly to the roots.
  • Very suitable for all crops.
  • Recognized by ISI and BIS.
  • Saving electricity, fertilizer, water and other expenses.
  • Protection of crops from heatstroke.